Tobogán is a rock trio from Mendoza Argentina, that innovates by the power of their songs and the emphasis put on their lyrics. The band is formed by Emilio Cardone (guitar and vocals), Ignacio Muñoz (bass) and Mariano Valles (drums).

The band started playing in mid 2004 and was first recognized by Zero magazine and nominated as best Alternative Rock band. But it was in 2008 in “Conexion 08” band contest where the band won 1st place and a big recognition from the media in the state.

Their debut self titled album “Tobogan”, was released in 2008, produced by Leandro Lacerna, and recorded in LuigiSabitacione and Sonorama in Mendoza. It was also released under a Creative Commons 2.5 License Attr.- Non Commercial- No derivative license, and can be downloaded at

That same year, the band was elected as regional winner for the “Conexion 08” band contest organized by Alianza Francesa and Irockuptibles magazine. The prize was to have the songs played during the contest be mixed and mastered in “Fader Estudio” and with other winner bands from other parts of Argentina, form a CD which was distributed throughout the country. Here are two tracks from Tobogan live in Conexion 08


Tobogan – Tobogan 2008 Album


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