Earning 0.00009 BTC

Image is Public Domain

Recently I travelled to Świnoujście, Poland to attend the Lightning.io conference, the particularly interesting thing about the conference is that every attendee is also a speaker. You can read more about what happened that day in excellent post by @mberth

So what’s my 5min story about?

I spoke about how @Overbryd and I submitted a patch to Rails 3, realized this was no longer maintained and finally submitted another patch to rails master which finally got accepted. This patch is now part of  Rails 4.2 beta1 and my name is in the list of contributors \o/

Here’s the presentation:

The idea

I wanted to use the amount of Bitcoin that I received 0.00009 BTC from Tip4Commit and convert this to different currencies throughout the presentation. For that I used this code and varied the “2.1” for the number I wanted to represent:

raw=`curl -XGET 'https://openexchangerates.org/api/latest.json?app_id=KEY'`

raw["rates"].each do |name, value| 
  conversion = (value * 0.06).to_s
  p [conversion, name] if conversion.include?("2.1") 
end; nil

I had lots of fun in lighning.io and I also liked the process of submitting a patch to rails, the guys maintaining the project are super dedicated.


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